About Us

“If one person needs it, a thousand others will need it and a million more would want it”Pundari, Founder & CEO

This belief has been the foundation of the products we build at InfoWave. A company battle hardened for over 15 years and recently discovering the joys of building world class products that make a difference to people.

With the online world dramatically evolving over the last couple of years, InfoWave has had to ponder many times over tools and systems that could help Promote and Market its brands, products and services to customers across the world.

Our goal: Easily & Effectively MANAGE our online Marketing campaigns, OURSELVES!!

Campaign On The Cloud is a result of this goal and a belief that world class products can be built out of Need, Despair, Passion and a will to win.

We are no different from a website owner trying to drive traffic to his/her website. An event organizer trying to promote events. A hotel chain trying to market its various properties. Doctors trying to market their clinics. A college organization trying to bring attention to their fundraiser.

As with any product, we asked ourselves numerous times whether Campaign On The Cloud was useful. Is there really a market for it? Will it actually benefit anybody? If so, how? And then we came to realize that if we as an organization find it extremely useful, then surely a lot of others will.

Our insatiable appetite to persevere and a common sense approach to pivoting is the reason you are exploring Campaign On The Cloud.

Please email if you would like to get in touch or are interested in being part of our journey. Needless to say, strategic investors will walk the red carpet